SOU Language Training Classes Taught by Foreign Expert Were Successfully Completed in This Semester

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This semester, we invited Distance Education and Language Expert Dr. Karen Meyers to come and teach  the staff and faculty members of SOU starting from 24 September 2014.


Dr. Karen Meyers was born in Belgium, holds a PhD in French, and has native-like proficiency in English. Until she came to SOU, she was working as a Coordinator and Senior Lecturer Linguistics and Modern Languages in the Institute of Distance Education, University of Swaziland. Three different language training courses were organized at SOU, namely Oral English, Practical English Writing and Basic French. During Dr. Meyers’ class, students not only had the chance to be immersed into an authentic language environment, but were also vigorously guided to participate in class activities. Dr. Karen Meyers not only taught them language abilities, but also showed them examples of Western culture. In this semester, a special class was meticulously planned and organized on Christmas Day. During the special class, Dr. Meyers firstly introduced the origin and history of Christmas to the students, and then organized a gifts exchange session between the students. Finally, all the students enjoyed a Christmas movie and this allowed them to learn various cultural elements related to Christmas.

The language training program has been a fruitful program for all participants. SOU will continue this language training program in the coming 2015 semester.





Experts from the Open University of Hong Kong Host a Training Program for Our Faculty on Teaching & Quality Management

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16-19 December 2014, Professor Ye Yaoqiang, Vice-President of the Open University of Hong Kong, Dr. Zeng Wanmei, Vice-Director of the Education Technology Publishing Department, Senior Instructional Design Director Dr. Cai Minghui and Ms. Lu Huihui from the Open University of Hong Kong hosted a training on teaching and quality management. The training was organized by the International Exchange Institute, the Teaching Affairs Management Office as well as the Education and Teaching Management Office. Teachers, Administrators, Heads of respective functional departments and branch schools attended the four-day training.

During the training, experts introduced the teaching mode, teaching and administration resource arrangements, as well as program design and implementation of the Open University of Hong Kong. At the same time, they also made presentations on the topics of teaching resource management, learning materials design and teaching management, course and textbook, quality management and assurance of teaching faculty and teaching outcomes, etc. The attendees of this training program actively interacted with the experts, and they all agreed that the excellent practice and experience of the Open University of Hong Kong were worth learning.

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Professor Arno Puder from San Francisco State University Gave Lectures on Android Development in SOU

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26-29 December 2014, Professor Arno Puder from the Computer Department of San Francisco State University, USA, was invited to give a lecture on Android Development at the School of Information Engineering of Shanghai Open University. Teachers and students in SOU’s School of Information Engineering attended the lectures and actively participated in the discussion, through which they had the opportunity to witness the most developed computer technology from the USA. They benefited immensely from Professor Arno Puder’s lectures.

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Dr. Sharon Ding from the OU in the United Kingdom Paid a Visit & Gave a Presentation during an SOU Seminar

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Dr. Sharon Ding and Mrs. Yang Guangyu from the UK Open University visited SOU on 11 December 2014 and gave a presentation in a seminar with the topic of Online Course Design and Assessment on 12 December at SOU.

Professor Gu Xiaomin, Vice-President of SOU, and administrative staff from the Foreign Affairs Office, International Exchange Institute and Teachers Training Center had a meeting with Dr. Sharon Ding and Mrs. Yang Guangyu. During the meeting, firstly, both sides summarized the Capacity Building and Training program held by the Open University in July 2014. Then they talked about the possibility of further cooperation regarding teaching resources and the preparation of the 2015 continuing training program. During the meeting, they all agreed that the cooperation between SOU and the OU in UK has brought various benefits to both sides, and more cooperation in all aspects will be furthered in 2015.

On 12 December 2014, Dr. Sharon Ding was invited by the Distance Education Engineering Technology Research Center of SOU to give a presentation. More than 40 faculty members from different departments of SOU attended the seminar.

During the seminar, Dr. Sharon Ding introduced the various elements of the learning process and learning support tools of online courses. She also shared online course examples of the Open University, and interacted with the attendees.

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SOU and Open University Netherland Signed a MOU

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During the summit of ICDE SCOP Meeting in Indonesia, 19-21 December 2014, President Jiang Hong had an inspiring and fruitful discussion with Professor Anja Oskamp, president of the Open University Netherlands, about such topics as capacity building, education resource, teacher-student communication, mutual-recognition credits and scientific research. They also signed a Strategic Cooperation Memorandum between the two universities.

Besides this, the SOU delegation for ICDE SCOP Meeting also met and exchanged ideas with IDCE Chairman, President of Universitas Terbuka, Professor Tian Belawati, President Mandla Makhanya from the University of South Africa, Professor Belinda Tynan, Vice-President of the Open University in the United Kingdom and Lisa Daniels, Assistant President of Excelsior College.



President Jiang Hong Received Outstanding Supporter Award By ACDE

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In the plenary session of the ICDE SCOP Meeting in Indonesia, 19-21 December 2014, Professor Tolly Mbwette, Chairman of the African Council for Distance Education (ACDE) issued the Outstanding Institutional Supporter Award to President Jiang Hong. This was to put on a record of the appreciation from ACDE of the manner in which SOU hosted during the conference on Ubiquitous Learning and the success in cooperation regarding staff and students exchange programs between SOU and African institutions.




SOU President Jiang Hong Attended ICDE Presidents’ Summit 2014

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19-21 December 2014, President Jiang Hong, accompanied by Professor Zhu Xiaoqing, Director of the Human Resource Department, and Ms.Song Jie, Teacher in the Foreign Language Department, were invited to attend the ICDE SCOP Meeting in Indonesia. This summit was organized by the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), and hosted by Universitas Terbuka, with the theme of “Leadership Challenges: Approach to Successful Open Education Models”. The SOU delegation participated in the whole summit process t, and during the presidents’ closed-door discussion President Jiang Hong shared his opinion and gave suggestions, which demonstrated the exploration and thoughts of Shanghai Open University in the process of open education model reform and innovation, on topics concerning all the open universities.



International Visiting Scholars Successfully Completed the Exchange Program in SOU

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17-28 December 2014, ten visiting scholars mainly from AAOU member institutions completed their two-week research and study. The visiting scholars were from seven different countries, namely India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal, New Zealand, Ireland and Hungary.

Professor Gu Xiaomin, Vice President of SOU, attended the Opening Ceremony and introduced SOU’s history, development process and achievements in the open education area. She also expressed her wish of strengthening the cooperation and exploring new collaborations between SOU and the scholars’ home institutions through this exchange program.

This International Visiting Scholar Program is the fourth one held by SOU since 2013, and also the one receiving the most participants from Asian countries. During the two weeks of research and studies, the visiting scholars exchanged experiences and ideas through their meetings with 24 faculties from 11 functional SOU departments, from which they also got a better understanding of the profound meaning and special schooling features of SOU. Besides this, Dr. Zlatko Kovacic, expert from The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, and Dr. Saumya, expert from Indira Gandhi National Open University, also made presentations during a seminar on Capacity Building and Teachers Training for our faculty. In addition, all the visiting scholars made their presentations, respectively on the practice, experience and development trends of distance education in their own countries with panel discussions and symposia.

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SOU Receives the 2014 UNESCO Seminar on Education for Rural Development

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October 28, 32 delegates of UNESCO  Seminar on Education for Rural Development visited SOU to enhance ties,  13 were from African Countries including Ethiopia and Cameroon, 4 were from Asian countries such as Bangladesh and Laos. The seminar was co-organized by Academy of International Business Officials, MOFCOM and  UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education.  The delegates were mainly officials and scholars from the education sector of Africa and developing countries.

Professor Gu Xiaomin, the Vice President of SOU, introduced to the guests about SOU and its cooperation and exchanges on distance education with African open universities and international organizations in the past and expressed the hope of promoting the academic cooperation between SOU and universities of other countries.  The delegates also learnt about the rural area education program of SOU and its development. After the meeting, the delegates paid visit to Digital Lab of Open Learning of SOU and Community Education I-digital Experience center, the digital educational resources environment with cloud computing technology, the open learning tests and analysis and its innovative mode left them deep impression.

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2014 SOU International Student Exchange Program Completed with Success

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The second Shanghai Open University International Student Exchange Program has brought 40 international students from 16 countries to SOU campus for a two-week intensive study and experience on Chinese language and culture between August 17th and 29th. Participating students represented a diverse age group, academic background and professions. 9 Chinese students had taken part in the program as volunteers, both international students and Chinese students increased their cross cultural communication and understanding through this opportunity.