Is tipping necessary in Shanghai?

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Taxi drivers in Shanghai are not allowed to take a tip. Consumer taxes are included in price tags on goods. Cafeterias and bars in all hotels and some restaurants and bars outside hotels may include a service charge of 10% to 15%. Tipping is not expected in most restaurants and hotels in China.

How is the public security situation in Shanghai?

Written by SOU IIE on . Posted in Immersion Hub, Q&A

Compared to any large cosmopolitan city, Shanghai is an incredibly safe city to live in and study. Petty theft of personal items does happen if one is not careful with bags when travelling or not properly locking a bicycle, etc., but violent crime is incredibly low. Pick-pocketing is the most commonly experienced form of crime, though pick-pocketers will typically not assault or threaten targets. Students should exercise basic caution anywhere in the city with regards to personal items. Walking at night is also safe; women would not get nervous when returning home at night. But we do suggest you be back to the hotel before 10:00pm.


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