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2023 Shanghai Open University “Immersion Hub”

Short-term Online Program for International Students

July 3th-July 14th, 2023, Shanghai, China


1. Overview of the Organizers

1) Shanghai Open University

Shanghai Open University (SOU) represents a new model of institution of higher learning sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, approved by the Ministry of Education and administered by the Shanghai Education Commission. SOU, formerly known as Shanghai TV University, was founded in 1960, supported by modern information technology, taking distance and open education as the mainstay, and mainly offering junior college or undergraduate education for adults. SOU actively promotes the exchange of educational principles, target audience, models, resources, methods and teaching staff, strives to build a modern open university with first-class domestic and significant international influence, and constantly contributes to the building of a learning society, in which learning will happen to any person, at any time and in any place. Since 2013, SOU’s Institute of International Exchange has hosted a series of “Immersion Hub” exchange programs for students and teachers. With an overall participation of nearly 600 students from more than 50 countries, the program aims at integrating the characteristic elements of Chinese Culture, Made in Shanghai, and Fashion Capital, and promoting student and teacher exchange, cultural understanding and mutual learning for various countries.

2) The Shanghai Bridge

The Shanghai Bridge is a brand project initiated and jointly developed by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, the Shanghai Overseas Chinese Foundation, and the Shanghai Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs. By providing Chinese language teaching resources, teacher training, and lectures on Chinese culture to overseas Chinese schools, the project aims to promote the innovative development of overseas Chinese education, promote exchanges between Chinese and other civilizations and people-to-people connectivity, and contribute to the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

2. Program Introduction

SOU’s two-week Short-term Online Program for international students is a great chance for you to make your cloud city travel around Shanghai, experience the city’s unique features, improve your Chinese language proficiency and appreciate Chinese culture. Organized by the Institute of International Exchange, the program combines online recorded sessions and live sessions with Q&A to customize your learning needs. The program is rich in content, offering a series of lectures including “Survival Chinese”, “Chinese Culture”, “Cultural Experience”, etc. We wish can you find what you are most interested in.

3. Program Features

3.1 Diversified and fascinating curriculum resources

Survival Chinese: essential Chinese language course for beginners, teaching you the most practical Chinese for daily life, including clothing, food, housing and traveling, with the aim of learning basic Chinese communication skills within the shortest time.

Contemporary Chinese Culture and Society: Starting with the Chinese family, the course illustrates the clothing, food, housing and traveling of Chinese people. The course presents a colorful picture of ancient and modern Chinese culture spanning 5,000 years.

Cultural Experience: You will learn about Chinese martial arts, Chinese food cuisine, Chinese dancing, and Chinese calligraphy. The course will also unveil the charm of the world's intangible cultural heritage, including Chinese paper-cutting and the gourd-shaped buttons.

Shanghai Cloud Travel: Through online videos, you will enjoy Shanghai's urban landscape and scenic spots, and have a feel of Shanghai people’s modern life and local culture.

Through participating in the online short-term program, you shall immerse yourself in various Chinese language and culture courses within two weeks. In addition, you may log on to “CG-OOC Learning Platform” (https://cgonline.org.cn/) through your exclusive account to get access to more high-quality online learning resourcesbefore and after the program’s official launch.

3.2 Flexible and convenient learning format

The program integrates recorded and live Q&A sessions. Recorded lessons are available up to one month after the program ends. Meanwhile, we will arrange “online face-to-face” live Q&A (synchronous) sessions each week to facilitate your learning process. With the guidance of our experienced teachers, you will be surprised by your improvement in Chinese language proficiency and Chinese culture appreciation.

3.3 Cross-cultural online group interaction

The program will set up online learning groups, and you will learn together with your classmates from different ethnicities, cultures and educational backgrounds, experience brainstorming and exchanges in an international and multi-cultural environment, and enjoy yourself in intercultural communications.

4. Schedule and Application Period

4.1 Duration of2023session:2 weeks (3 July-14 July)

4.2 Deadline for program application: 16June

The tentative schedule is as follows:

The First Week (July 3th-9th)

Beijing Time

Recorded courses are updated at 10 am (working day)

3 July, Mon.

Opening Ceremony live broadcast (19:00-19:30)

Platform Instruction

live broadcast (19:40-20:00)        

Student Grouping live broadcast (20:00-20:30)

4 July, Tue.

Survival Chinese


Chinese Family (recorded)

Cultural Experience:

Chinese Dancing (recorded)

Overview of Chinese Culture & Society

live broadcast


Shanghai Cloud Travel:

Shanghai overview promotion videos(recorded)

5July, Wed.

Survival Chinese


Chinese Language live Q&A (19:00-20:00)

Chinese Food (recorded)

Cultural Experience:

Making Chinese Cuisine (recorded)

Shanghai Cloud Travel:

Shanghai cuisine tourism promotion videos (recorded)

6July, Thur.

Survival Chinese



Cultural Experience:

Eight Moves & Five Steps of Taichi (recorded)

Chinese Culture

live Q&A (19:00-20:00)

Shanghai Cloud Travel


7 July, Fri.

Survival Chinese


Chinese Language live Q&A (19:00-20:00)

Chinese Education


Cultural Experience:

Paper-cutting (recorded)

Shanghai Cloud Travel (recorded)

8July, Sat.

Chinese-Germany Platform quality resource feeding (recorded)

9 July, Sun.

Chinese-Germany Platform quality resource feeding (recorded)

The Second Week (July 10th-14th)

Beijing Time

Recorded courses are updated at 10 am (working day)

10 July, Mon.

Survival Chinese


Multi-cultural Exchanges & Talent Show20:00-21:00

Chinese Elements(recorded)

Cultural Experience:

Making Tiger-headed Shoes(recorded)

Chinese Culture

live Q&A(19:00-20:00)

Shanghai Cloud Travel (recorded)

11 July, Tue.

Survival Chinese


Chinese Language live Q&A (19:00-20:00)

Chinese Costume(recorded)

Cultural Experience:

MakingGourd-shaped Buttons (recorded)

Shanghai Cloud Travel(recorded)

12 July, Wed.

Survival Chinese (recorded)

Chinese Calligraphy


Cultural experience:

Chinese Calligraphy


Chinese Culture

live Q&A(19:00-20:00)

Shanghai Cloud Travel (recorded)

13July, Thur.

Survival Chinese


Chinese Language live Q&A (19:00-20:00)

Chinese Tea (recorded)

Chinese Tea

live Q&A (20:15-21:15)

Shanghai Cloud Travel (recorded)

14 July, Fri.

Chinese Language assignment review live broadcast(19:00-19:30)

Group graduation presentation, exchanges on learning experience, graduation certificate awarding and closing ceremony live broadcast (19:45-20:30)

5. Application Qualifications and Methods

5.1 Qualification

Foreigners with valid passports, regardless of age or region.

5.2 Registration method

Log on to the website of Institute of International Exchange, Shanghai Open University (https://iie.sou.edu.cn), fill in the Application Form for SOU Immersion Hub Short-term Online Program for International Students(https://lowcode-0g0lid1w4bab76d8-1259223015.tcloudbaseapp.com/app-qlfpe310/production/), and upload your scanned passport.

6. Expenses

Shanghai Open University shall enroll 100 international students. The admitted students can participate in the online short-term courses for free, and all the program expenses shall be borne by Shanghai Open University.

7. Enrollment Steps

7.1 SOU will review the application materials once they are submitted.

7.2 Once enrolled, SOU will issue the Acceptance Letter by e-mail.

7.3Students who have received the Acceptance Letter are required to confirm by email within one week. If they fail to do so within the time limit, they shall be deemed as having waived the opportunity to participate. SOU may enroll students from the waiting list as per the conditions.

Shanghai Open University shall prioritize admission as per the following principles:

(1)The nomination from SOU’s overseas Chinese language centers, overseas partner universities, institutes and organizations, oversea Chinese groups and oversea Chinese schools. The nominating body can decide on their own criteria for recommendation.

(2) Applicants from the “Belt and Road Initiative” countries.

(3) Regional and gender balance.

The admitted applicants shall be notified by email before June 20th.

8. Course Opening Preparation

After admission, personnel of the Institute of International Exchange will send the online opening ceremony live broadcast participation link, registered account of the learning platform, instructions for the learning platform, illustration and list of preparation materials for cultural experience courses, etc. by e-mail one week before the program’s official launch.

9. Language of Short-term Courses

English will be adopted as the working language for short-term courses, and all the courses are dubbed or subtitled in English

10. Contact Information

Institute of International Exchange, Shanghai Open University

Address: Room 402, Building 1, No.288 Guoshun Road, Shanghai, China

Zip code: 200433

Contact person: Ms. Tang Hongfei

Tel: +86-21-25653412

Email: iieoffice@sou.edu.cn

Fax: +86-21-25653267

Website: http://iie.sou.edu.cn/